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aprogip , 6/12/2015

Información puntual del Centro de Sanidad y Certificación Vegetal, como consecuencia de las precip...


Virulence and cross-infection potential of Ilyonectria spp. to grapevine

inia , 1/24/2013

recent years the disease has increased in incidence and severity throughout the world. Black foot ...

Species of Diatrypaceae associated with grapevine trunk diseases in Eastern Spain

inia , 1/24/2013

The presence and diversity of Diatrypaceae species occurring on grapevines in Eastern Spain were ...

Verticillium wilt of olive in the Guadalquivir Valley (southern Spain): relations with some agronomical factors and spread of Verticillium dahliae

inia , 1/24/2013

Verticillium wilt of olive (VWO) is now the most destructive olive disease in the Guadalquivir va...