Is an initiative which was born by Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Spanish Goverment. The aim of this project is bring the IT to the farmers and to food industry.


The aim of the initiative is to serve the agro industrial sector at European level and be developed and managed by European technical institutions in a cooperative way.

Social Network

Is a social network for professionals of food industry and rural. This web tries to be the window of the
sector on internet.

Open & Free

It is not needed authorizations or license to belong to Chil. Any agriculture or agro industrial agent is invited!

It has no cost for the companies and it is open to different technical orientations and points of view.


All the contents are uploaded by the members of Chil to be shared and distributed among people interested.

Open to Facebook & Twitter

Is a social/professional network specialized in agriculture. You can easily share to Facebook or Twitter.

Free hosting

Is also a free hosting capability for companies, cooperatives, institutions and projects.

Knowledge diffusion

Integration with knowledge diffusion tools: wikis, blogs, news, forums. Because it is oriented to services which are being developed: e-learning support, eCommerce, remote agriculture advising, etc.

Google & Web 2.0

Easy of use, connected with google and with Web 2.0 capabilities.


Of information, persons and companies.

Automatic translation

Automatic translation of contents, web pages etc. to different languages.

Create a group

Anybody can create a community; you need only the issue and one can share information with the rest of people.

Create a course

One can do a course by e-learning and it is free and one has every tool that a teacher and students need to do the course. Or a master, why not?

Electronic commerce

The E-Commerce service is more complex and important service to implement for agribusiness cooperatives.


Improve communications of cooperatives with FRCA LR, associates and employes. Using forums, dialog walls, private areas and integration with eMail.

Agriculture knowledge

Doing wikis in one can create wikis about nature, rural affairs, technical specifications and so on. Participate and consume knowledge from experts.

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