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Cards of Best Practices for saving energy in agroindustries

tesla , 7/21/2016

D.5.3: Audit_and_training_proposal_report: Best_Practices_Collection

D.5.6 Implemented Measures Final Report

tesla , 3/17/2016

D 5.6 Implemented Measures Final Report

Success Examples Description Report

tesla , 7/7/2015

D 5.5 Succes Examples Description Report

Audit guide_ITALIAN (05/12/2013)

tesla , 6/22/2015

Version D.3.1. Audit Guide in Italian (updated 05/12/2013)

Audit guide_(18/03/2014)_FRENCH_

tesla , 6/23/2014

Version D.3.1_Audit_guide_FRENCH (19/March/2014)


Audit guide_(10/01/2014)_ESPAÑOL_

tesla , 3/11/2014

Última versión del entregable D.3.1_Audit_guide_ESPAÑOL (10/Enero/2014) Atención: están subrayado...

Software_ tools_for_energy_audits

tesla , 1/9/2014

D. 6.2: The aim of this report is to check, according to the feedback from previous Deliverable 6....

Current process description Fruit & Vegetables Processing Plants_English

tesla , 1/8/2014

D.4.4 Current process description Fruit & Vegetables Processing Plants (English)


tesla , 12/17/2013

D. 2.1_Training_Plan

Current process description Wineries_English

tesla , 12/12/2013

D. 4.1 Current process description Wineries_English

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