11 Mar 2013


Lincoln Center Theatre, LCT3

Year: 2012 Owner: Lincoln Center Location: New York, NY, USA Building Type: Commercial Type: Extensive System: Single Source Provider Size: 5,424 sq.ft. Slope: 1% Access: Accessible, Private Designers/Manufacturers of Record: Architect: H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture LLC Modular Greenroof System: Green Roof Blocks General Contractor: Yorke Construction Corp Installation Contractor: L. Martone and Sons, Inc.

Project Description y Details

The addition to the rooftop of the Eero Saarinen-designed Lincoln Center Theater building is the permanent home of LCT3, a programming initiative devoted to producing the work of emerging playwrights, directors, and designers. With 23,000 square feet of space and a 112-seat theater, the new performance venue complements the scale of LCT’s existing venues and offers a practical way to present new ideas to smaller audiences. At night, the new volume glows above the existing roof.

Designed by H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture and anticipating a LEED Silver rating, the building features efficient systems and sustainable strategies, including a green roof that covers 44% of the site footprint with eight types of native plants and low maintenance sedum. When the elevator doors open at rooftop level, visitors are presented with a grand view of the outdoor greenroofed terrace, measuring 5,424 square feet and utilizing 1,356 (2ft x 2ft) Green Roof Blocks. Pre-grown by Jost Greenhouses in St. Louis for two years prior to delivery, they were propagated with multi-species sedum plugs and augmented with cuttings to help fill them out.

The Lincoln Center Theatre, LCT3 is featured in the month of May in the 2013 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Calendar.

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