7 Feb 2017


Beginning of the WOGAnMBR pilot operation with the complex waste waters in the PepsiCo factory

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After the transfer to the facilities of PepsiCo located in the industrial estate Gamonal - Villimar in Burgos, the prototype for the treatment of complex waste water WOGAnMBR is back operational.

To improve the biomass treatment capacity Anaerobic, the biological reactor was inoculated with 1000 L of granular mud, with the objective of Help the flocculent - granular biomass that already operated with Eurofrits wastewater.

As interesting data, this new granular mud reached under controlled conditions of Laboratory a biogas production 3 times higher than the biomass used in Eurofrits.

To date, the pilot has worked with different organic loads, ranging from 2 to 4.5 kg COD / m3∙d, with a good performance of the biomass that has managed to reach the 9600 L/d of biogas with a methane quality of 75%. For its part, the filtration has started (CIP) with 200 ppm sodium hypochlorite applied for 5 hours, has allowed the recovery of the filtration capacity of the tubular membrane after its Performance at Eurofrits. In a stable operating regime, the membrane has been carried out different tests using 10-minute and Filter flows, in particular 25 and 45 LMH, using backwash times of 60 Seconds with double flow than the filtration. The system has been shown to be stable Working conditions while maintaining low pressure

Day with a constant TMP of 200 mbar. The proper functioning of the filtration seems to be due to the inclusion of daily chemical backwashes of 50 ppm of sodium hypochlorite.

Despite all the good news, everything has not gone well, since before the Christmas, there was an electronic problem that caused the pump that fed the reactor, do not stop when the liquid level of the reactor produced the massive entry of oils and fats causing acidification of the biological environment.

Although this led to emptying 2/3 of the reactor to replace with new granular sludge, mud "Acidified" has shown in the laboratory that he was not dead;"Inhibited" by the high presence of digestion acids and that under favorable conditions has managed to transform biogas. This has meant a small delay in the plant that now Is back in full operation.

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